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Friday, Oct 22, 2021

Tim Draper: Crypto will massively impact Finance, Insurance, Government and Healthcare

Tim Draper: Crypto will massively impact Finance, Insurance, Government and Healthcare

Tim Draper, billionaire venture capitalist thinks the ultimate impact of cryptocurrency will go far beyond the world of finance.

The Draper Associates founder tells high-profile crypto trader Scott Melker that while there may be “fits and starts,” he thinks BTC’s price will continue to rise as Bitcoin radically changes those various elements of society.

Specifically, Draper says crypto will reshape finance, insurance, government and healthcare. Bitcoin’s impact on finance, he explains, will reduce corporate expenses on accounting and legal help.

“We’ve got a combination of technologies that are going to transform not just banking, but finance. I can imagine a time where I raise a fund just in Bitcoin, invest it all in Bitcoin, have the companies pay their employees and suppliers all in Bitcoin, have that all be a walled garden where taxes are taken out… in Bitcoin. And it requires no friction. It requires no accounting, no auditing, no bookkeeping, no legal — it’s all done in this perfect walled garden because the blockchain keeps perfect records.”

Draper believes insurance companies could rely completely on artificial intelligence and surveillance, which he says would reduce disagreements over insurance claims.

“In fact, I could imagine an insurance company that sends you a check before you issue a claim because the surveillance has recognized that your house has burned down or that you’ve got cancer or that something horrible has happened.”

The billionaire also believes Bitcoin and smart contracts could offer similar benefits to governments around the world.

“What is government but a bunch of insurance companies put together? That government can also be much more streamlined. All those insurance programs — the healthcare insurance and workman’s comp insurance and unemployment insurance and welfare and pensions, social security — they’re all insurance programs. You can set those up on a smart contract with Bitcoin and they’re completely fair and you don’t have people getting in the way. And those people can go be productive in other things.”

He also believes healthcare records can go on blockchains.

“Healthcare is going through a major transformation. Some of that is tied to putting your healthcare records on the blockchain but a lot of it is that it’s all going digital. You can do both your therapeutics and your diagnostics in digital form.”

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