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Tuesday, Aug 03, 2021

Time is running out! Residents have till July 3 to get first dose of vaccine

Time is running out! Residents have till July 3 to get first dose of vaccine

Unvaccinated residents now only have less than a month to get their jabs before the current batch of AstraZeneca vaccines in the territory expires and loses its viability.

The BVI has an overall capacity to vaccinate 17,000 persons but up till last Thursday, only 12,245 persons have received thier first doses, while 7,289 have received second doses.

Time is not on our side

Desperate to protect lives and not to see the vaccines go to waste, Health Minister Carvin said he had hoped the first dose numbers would be significantly higher; at least in the 15,000 persons range.

“There is still some ways to go, but the reality is time is not on our side! The current stocks of vaccines we have available in the territory are set to expire by July 31, 2021,” Malone stated last Thursday.

“That means in order for us to effectively use the vaccines in stock, persons still expected to receive their first dose can do so no later than July 3, 2021. This would give a four-week time frame between the first and second dose,” he further explained.

Vaccines are the only viable option

As the territory faces economic hardship because of the pandemic, Malone reiterated that the vaccine is “the only viable assurance of returning to some level of normalcy”.

“If we as a territory can achieve the herd immunity we hear so much about, we must have a greater uptake in the vaccine. And the fact is, what we have available will soon expire! Your government has done all that we can to prepare and prevent this disease from impacting us all. We must each now take personal responsibility for the lives and livelihoods of ourselves, our family members and for us as an entire territory,” he stated.

“Again, I must appeal to all residents and stakeholders in this territory, who are eagerly anticipating a measured yet unrestricted reopening of all our borders; we must take this vaccine roll out seriously,” he added.


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