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Friday, Apr 16, 2021

Too Many Actors For Too Long

Too Many Actors For Too Long

Minister for Transportation, Works and Utilities, Hon. Kye Rymer has bemoaned that some government employees are working for many years without being confirmed in that post.
The Minister who was once a government employee himself said he plans to tackle the issue.

“I will lobby for the accountant general and many other persons in the civil service who have been acting for a number of years for them to be regularised,” he told the House of Assembly on Tuesday, December 15 2020.

“We must look out for our people and make sure that they are stable within their positions. Someone acting in a position for 6 years plus, I see no reason for them to be still in such a position. Mr. Speaker I have a member within my ministry, he has been acting for 14 years! Those are things that are not right. I was a public officer at a time, a head of a department. I acted for a few years but then was regularised,” he added.

He said being in a post for a long time without being confirmed in it could mean the possibility of being reverted back to one’s former post.

“The performance appraisals they give you high marks, but when it comes to the point of appointment that seems to be a hindrance. I think that needs to be addressed across the board on all levels. Mr. Speaker if they are not doing the job within the first couple years I think they should at that stage, try someone else so that acting process can be shortened," he stated.

Minister Rymer then said he would be “reaching out” to the Deputy Governor, the Governor and the Public Service Commission to remedy the matter.

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