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Thursday, Apr 15, 2021

Tortola businessman accused of verbally abusing customer, police

Tortola businessman accused of verbally abusing customer, police

A Tortola businessman found himself in police custody yesterday, October 20, 2020, after allegedly using indecent language and behaving in an irate manner during police investigations.

The arrest reportedly stemmed from a complaint made by a shopper, who claimed she was verbally abused by the proprietor.

According to reports reaching our newsroom, the woman had purchased a pair of children's sneakers from the store but subsequently discovered it had a defect and decided to return it.

Customer allegedly met with aggression

On returning the item; however, the owner of the store allegedly told the customer she would be required to purchase another pair of shoe but at half price.

Not accepting the offer, the woman allegedly left the item on the counter and was about to leave the store when the business owner allegedly started to hurl expletives at her and chased her out the store.

It is alleged that the enraged business owner then threw the sneakers at the woman.

Not satisfied, he allegedly went after her out of the building and threw the items at the woman again but missed.

The matter was reported to the police and, according to reports, having reviewed CCTV footage the customer's story was justified.

While attempting to discuss the matter with the businessman; however, the police were met with aggression and a slew of indecent language hurled at them.

The man was taken into custody until he composed himself.

Further investigations are being conducted, according to sources.


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