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Wednesday, Oct 21, 2020

Touching of nightclub entertainers banned!

Touching of nightclub entertainers banned!

Any night lifer craving a lap dance at nightclubs will have to resist the urge as COVID-19 protocols for nightclubs have banned close contact with performers.

Entertainers are now expected to do their performances without contact with the audience, observing social distancing protocols.

This was the heart of a discussion on JTV's Big Story with guest Chief Environmental Health Officer (CEHO) Mr E. Lionel Michael last night, October 14, 2020.

Discussing the additional COVID-19 protocols bars, nightclubs and pubs are obligated to follow, Mr Michael said the protocol was developed in collaboration with the Bars Association.

No touching!

According to Mr Michael, in clubs where entertainers perform on stage, the owners of the establishments are required to have a barrier that prevents patrons from touching or coming into close contact with the entertainers.

The CEHO said deejays, bartenders and MCs also have to be cordoned and are obligated to constantly remind patrons of the social distancing guidelines.

Patrons to these establishments are now required to socialise at an assigned spot. "There will be a dance area where couples and people can stand, no more of the open floor dance hall where everybody just go and dance out in the hall, no longer will that happen."

According to Chief Environmental Health Officer (CEHO) E. Lionel Michael, owners of night establishments are required to have a barrier that prevents patrons from touching or coming into close contact with entertainers

Stick to your dance partner!

Mr Michael also said the exchanging of dancing partners are not allowed unless persons are at the club as a group. "If you come as a group we give you a large area so you stay right there and dance.

"No open floor dancing, nobody is allowed to pull you on the floor and dance. That will not happen no more, stay at your spot, what you coming by me for stay at your spot. If a group of you come you can stay at a table."

Additionally, these establishments are not permitted to have more than 50 persons at any given time, inclusive of staff.

"The government has made it law that the bars are only allowed to carry fifty persons. If they want to have more they must apply to the government for permission," explained Mr Michael.

He further said smaller bars are permitted to have a number of persons based on the size of the facility and the social distancing capacity.

"So not because it is fifty means that you can cram 50, pack 50 in the place. It may not be able to hold 50 at all. You can go up to fifty without permission from the Minister."

It was explained that limited or no service are allowed at bar counters rather, bartenders and wait-staff are now required to approach the customers to take their drink orders.


Michael explained that failure to comply can result in owners of the establishments being fined $1000.00 which must be paid within 21 days. They would then be required to attend training and fix their defects before being permitted to reopen.

Patrons on the other hand face a $100 fine if found in violation of any of the protocols.


Quote of the Day

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― David Graeber, Bullshit Jobs: A Theory

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