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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Tourist Board hires PR firm in bid to expand into European market

Tourist Board hires PR firm in bid to expand into European market

The BVI Tourist Board (BVITB) announced that it has contracted public relations and marketing firm AVIAREPS to expand the territory’s presence in the European marketplace; particularly the Nordic region.

This, it said, was in an attempt at consolidating its presence in other established markets.

The Board, in a recent media release, said it had been following through on a mandate from Premier Andrew Fahie to have one agency with the “optimal combination of public relations, travel trade connections and expert knowledge of the markets to represent the territory in multiple European markets”.

The Board’s expansion push comes amid a year-long global COVID-19 pandemic that has resulted in a severe downturn in global travel and has seen a spate of tourist-related business closures and staff layoffs across the territory.

Last year, the BVITB sought a crisis management consultant to help reboot the tourism industry amid the pandemic. The initial contract was expected to last for six months, starting June 1. It is unclear whether the post had been filled.

Intimate knowledge

Meanwhile, Director of Tourism Clive McCoy said the Board is excited to work with AVIAREPS to extend the BVI’s reach.

“We’re impressed with the fact that they (AVIAREPS) rely on a network of staff and associates that are not only expert marketers but also have an intimate local knowledge of their respective markets. That is the reason why we are excited to work with AVIAREPS to further penetrate the European markets and expand into the Nordic countries.”

AVIAREPS is being touted as one of the world’s leading sales, marketing & communications agencies for travel and lifestyle brands, and according to the BVITB, will provide public relations and marketing representation in Italy, France, French-speaking Switzerland and the Nordic region (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland).

The Tourist Board has not said how much the BVI is spending for the marketing company’s services.


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