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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Tourist Board signs incentive deal with evoJets

Tourist Board signs incentive deal with evoJets

The BVI Tourist Board & Film Commission (BVITB&FC) has entered into a partnership agreement with the private aviation company, evoJets, to provide incentives valued more than a thousand dollars when persons utilise the service to travel to the territory.

This is according to a media release from the BVITB&FC which said the initiative is geared towards boosting direct flights to territory through a safe and socially-distanced medium.

“In an effort to make private jet travel more readily accessible, the BVITB&FC has established a new partnership with evoJets that offers $1,500 towards catering, ground, or flight cost on any portion of a trip booked to the BVI. To redeem credit, travellers may apply the code BVITOURISM in the comments section of the private jet charter booking form,” the release stated.

It added: “A number of recommended land and sea offerings for guests to choose from will be outlined to complete the perfect socially-distanced vacation, whether travellers prefer to spend their days relaxing on the beach or chartering a yacht to island-hop and experience all the BVI has to offer.”

Additional $1500 towards plant national tree

In addition to the credits, evoJets has also committed to the sustainable development of the BVI.

This will be achieved through donations in the BVITB&FC’s Seeds of Love Programme, that will result in more territorial trees being planted across the BVI.

“For each trip booked to the BVI, evoJets will contribute an additional $1,500 to Seeds of Love. This contribution includes the planting of approximately 27 White Cedar trees per donation. The White Cedar tree is the territorial tree of the BVI,” BVITB&FC stated.

Director of the BVITB Clive McCoy expressed excitement on the initiative which he said will benefit the community.

“This partnership is a demonstration of how important sustainable tourism is to our industry partners and us. We are truly thankful for their contribution to protecting the flora of the BVI,” he said.

Meanwhile, Managing Partner at evoJets, Rich Palese shared similar sentiments.

“The British Virgin Islands is an oasis of natural beauty which brings joy to all who visit. We are excited to support the comeback of tourism to the islands and contribute to the rebuilding of their stunning ecosystems,” Palese stated.


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