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Monday, Oct 03, 2022

Tourists told to practice 'Vigilance' as COVID cases surge

Tourists told to practice 'Vigilance' as COVID cases surge

Tourists arriving in the Virgin Islands (VI) on cruise ships have been urged to follow all local health guidelines and practice ‘vigilance’, as part of a message from Health Minister, Hon Carvin Malone (AL).

This comes as the territory has seen increasing COVID-19 infections attributed to the Delta and Omicron variants, with some 1,387 cases as of January 11, 2022. Despite the numbers; however, cruise ships continue to dock in VI’s ports.

Be vigilant! - Tourists urged

“Let's extend Welcome Greetings to our cruise passengers as two ships call on our beautiful BVI. Be wise! Wear your mask! Follow the health protocols! vigilance! be vigilant,” Health Minister Malone said in a short Facebook statement on January 11, 2022.

Premier and Minister of Finance, Hon Andrew A. Fahie (R1), commenting on the sight of the arriving ships on January 11, 2022, also pushed the message of vigilance while encouraging the people of the territory to continue working hard.

“Watching the ship dock this morning reminded me of how the B.V.I. is a Blessed place. We just have to stay prayed up, continue to work hard, continue to remain laser-focused on the things that unite us, enjoy the journey and at this time, now more than ever, be vigilant!” he said.

Health Minister Hon Carvin Malone (AL) has urged tourists to follow the health protocols, including wearing masks.

Virtual stakeholder meeting today

Meanwhile, in an effort to inform stakeholders of the current and emerging COVID-19 surge and its impact Territory-wide, the Ministry of Health and Social Development, along with the Health Emergency Operations Center, will be hosting a virtual stakeholder meeting today, January 13 from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

According to information, the meeting will also provide an opportunity for participants to be updated and informed of existing and proposed health protocols and economic measures being considered by Cabinet. Stakeholders will also be given the opportunity to have an input in the way the VI moves forward with the management of the pandemic.


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