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Sunday, Jan 24, 2021

Travellers could pay up to $1000 for breaching local COVID protocols

Travellers could pay up to $1000 for breaching local COVID protocols

The government has outlined fines and fees travellers to the BVI will have to pay if they breach government’s COVID-19 protocols implemented for the local tourism industry.

The fines are outlined under section 13 of the COVID-19 Control & Suppression Regulations (2020) which were approved by Cabinet this week.

According to the regulations, “a person who tampers with or damages a geofencing device shall be issued a fixed penalty notice by the relevant authorised officer and be required to pay a fine of $125.”

Any unauthorised person who visits any person who is quarantined under the said regulations will be fined $500.

It further said: “A person who contravenes the protocols or guidelines under these regulations or otherwise contravenes the provisions of these regulations, shall be … required to pay a fine of $1000.”

The regulations state that the fixed penalty must be paid to the Magistrate’s Court that will also specify the period within which the penalty is to be paid.

The court may require the fine to be paid within 21 days or earlier if a person is scheduled to leave the territory soon.

Fixed Penalty Notice

A fixed penalty notice is an alternative to prosecution before the magistrates’ court which includes a fine. Offenders are usually issued a notice on the spot.

If offenders accept guilt, they pay the fine. But if they challenge it, they’ll have to appear in court. Fixed penalty notices are not usually classified as criminal offences.


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