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Troy Christopher eyes D2 seat! Says constituency lacks leadership

Troy Christopher eyes D2 seat! Says constituency lacks leadership

Local businessman Troy Christopher has thrown his proverbial hat in the political ring to contest the April 24 general elections as a candidate of the Second Electoral District.
Christopher launched his campaign on Saturday, noting a lack of proper leadership in the constituency.

One of the primary problems he highlighted was the district’s community centres, which he said the current leaders have allowed to remain closed for more than half a decade.

Christopher, who is the son of the late former Fifth District Representative, Delores Christopher, suggested that community centres were one of the lifebloods of the Second District.

“I want to talk about the community centres because they’ve been closed now for five years, six years. In those community centres house the clinics that the older people would attend. Some of them are not as mobile as they used to be. Having their clinics in their community is a place that they could reach and get back home,” Christopher said.

“You have the one [centre] in Cane Garden Bay and there’s one in Brewers Bay. Both community centres, both clinics, they are closed,” Christopher complained. I find this to be really unacceptable because when I look at the damage that was caused by the hurricane, and I’ve had many people look at it, it wasn’t something that we could not fix. It was something that could have been fixed and used to stabilise the community.”

The political hopeful suggested the much-needed repairs have been tied up in government bureaucracies for too long and said several contractors within the district could have been put to action to get these centres up and running.

“So, we’re lacking some leadership; that real community leadership that my grandfather taught me [and] that most of you would remember that we could use because before government, there was community,” Christopher added.

He said several of the proposed initiatives he wants to implement if elected surround the district’s community centres, which he said can be used as a tool for learning, youth engagement, and information exchange, among other things.

He also highlighted the need to enhance the tourism product of the Second District, which is a longstanding tourism community. He complained of the absence of a music festival and even mentioned talks about renewable energy.

Christopher, who has a strong background in information technology, also highlighted that the systems that run the government are far too outdated.

“These things will change under my leadership,” Christopher promised.

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