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Sunday, May 09, 2021

Trump and Giuliani’s star witness at Michigan hearing had been charged with obscenity

Trump and Giuliani’s star witness at Michigan hearing had been charged with obscenity

Mellissa Carone was sentenced to one year on probation in September 2019 after sending her then-boyfriend’s ex wife videos of them having sex
A Trump supporter from Michigan who went viral after her belligerent performance complaining about election fraud before the state legislature was previously charged with obscenity, it has emerged.

Mellissa Carone, 33, a former contractor for Dominion Voting Systems, went before the Michigan House Oversight Committee on Wednesday and claimed in bizarre, oftentimes combative testimony that instantly went viral, that she witnessed a host of election misconduct at a Detroit counting center.

She repeatedly spoke over the politicians questioning her at the hearing, raising her voice — at which point Rudy Giuliani, leading the legal charge, was seen leaning over and appearing to attempt to quieten her.

Among her claims was that the poll book — the register of those who had voted — was "off by 30,000."

When told that it was not that incorrect, she retorted: "Did you take it and do something crazy to it?"

It quickly emerged that the key witness in the case made by Donald Trump and Mr Giuliani had recently ended her probation for "computers-using to commit a crime".

On Friday it further emerged that she had been charged with obscenity after sending her then-boyfriend's ex-wife graphic videos of the two of them having sex.

Her boyfriend's ex-wife, Jessica, called police about Ms Carone multiple times between November 2018 and September 2019, initially after receiving three videos from an unknown email address showing Ms Carone and her ex having sex. Ms Carone's last name was then Wright.

Deadline Detroit reported that police traced the IP address from the emails to Ms Carone, who initially denied sending them but revealed she was aware of their content. She eventually confessed to investigators, saying her goal was to send Jessica “over the top.”

She also admitted to also asking her boyfriend to cover her tracks by getting a new router and internet provider.

Ms Carone was sentenced in September 2019 to one year's probation.

The mother of two, from the Detroit suburban town of Grosse Point Woods, told police she was working toward her degree in cyber security when she was charged.

Even before the testimony, there were questions about her reliability. On 13 November, a Michigan judge hearing Ms Carone’s claims said they “simply are not credible.”

Despite their repeated claims of massive voter fraud, the Trump campaign’s election fraud lawsuits continue to lose in court because there’s rarely if ever sufficient evidence to back up their sweeping accusations.

Instead, they have turned to public-facing spectacles like hearings and press conferences to make their case.

On Friday they lost their cases in six states.

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