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Thursday, Dec 09, 2021

Truth On COVID-19 Upsurge Shrouded In Secrecy - Fraser

Truth On COVID-19 Upsurge Shrouded In Secrecy - Fraser

Third District Representative and Member of the Opposition, Hon. Julian Fraser said the truth behind the COVID-19 upsurge being experienced in the British Virgin Islands presently is shrouded in secrecy, and the members of the Opposition has been left in the dark.

In an interview yesterday, he told BVI Platinum News that he was unable to make intelligent suggestions or recommendations to the government because of the lack of information.

“I can’t say because I think that the full information as to what is going on has been parted to me or anybody in the Opposition for that matter. I think there are things that the government know that we don’t know, and in the absence of that information, it is not wise to be making statements on anything,” he said.

He revealed that the information that is absent is “What is the true nature of the strain that we are going through? Is it a new variant? Does anybody know? What’s the reason or the cause for these high numbers of positives that we are experiencing at this particular time? Is it because we are doing testing now and we didn’t do the kind of testing we are doing now we didn’t do it in the past? Why our positives were down to single digits, and now they are up in quadruple digits?”

Hon Fraser added, “So what accounts for that is the question. Is it because we are now open to a limited number of tourists, what is it? And that amount of statistics need to be revealed in order for someone to make an informed comment. I don’t want to comment on a matter that I am not qualified to discuss.”

Opposition Has Been Asking Questions

The long-standing legislator said members of the Opposition has been asking questions on the matter.

“We had a meeting a few days ago, it was via Zoom, and it lasted over two and a half hours, but at the same time, the information I got was the same information that’s on the street. You would imagine that meetings held by members of the House of Assembly would include a whole lot of background and backroom information that that the public wouldn’t be privy to; we haven’t gotten anything that is in that realm.”

Hon. Fraser further stated that the country should now be focusing on the truth behind the surge, “how we got where we are and how to get out of what we are in.”

“Up until a week ago, we were boasting about our success in curbing the effects of COVID, boasting so much that we even open our borders. How could we have been so comfortable and so sure to the point where we did that, and at this point, we are in the mess that we are in. Some things are not believable; you gotta come with something better. Where are all these people? The 1300 or so that’s positive, where are they? Well, I asked the question, is there a statistical breakdown as to the districts? Where are they? Somebody said to me it is even across the board. It can’t be,” he argued.

Hon. Fraser added, “There are too many secrets in the BVI, too many secrets and unfortunately, just about all of us know that there are secrets. We don’t know what the secrets are, but we condone the fact that there are secrets. There is the truth, and there are some people who know the truth, and they are not doing enough about the truth, and the truth is a lot of what is going on can be curtailed, reduced, mitigated if we only tell the truth or deal with the truth.”


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