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Friday, Dec 01, 2023

Twitter to Offer Revenue Share to Select Content Creators

Twitter to Offer Revenue Share to Select Content Creators

Twitter is set to offer a revenue share to select content creators on its platform.
The social media giant announced earlier this year that it would allow users to offer paid subscriptions to their content on the platform.

To be eligible for the revenue share, content creators must be verified users with at least 5 million impressions on their posts in each of the last three months, and have a Stripe payment account.

The revenue share will be a portion of the advertising revenue that Twitter earns.

The company stated that the eligible creators will receive a share of revenue from ads displayed in their replies.

This move comes as Twitter attempts to draw more content creators to the platform.

Elon Musk, the billionaire who bought Twitter last October, has previously stated that the company will pass on the entire subscription revenue to creators in the first year, excluding payment gateway charges.

This new development is expected to boost creators' earnings on the platform.

The revenue share program is a significant move for Twitter as it seeks to compete with other social media platforms that offer similar features.

It also underscores the company's commitment to supporting content creators and rewarding them for their contributions to the platform.

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