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Sunday, Dec 05, 2021

Two Active COVID-19 Cases With No Hospitalisation

Two Active COVID-19 Cases With No Hospitalisation

Active COVID-19 cases in the BVI are now down to two with no hospitalisation. The recent figure was released this evening, October 20.
Speaking last evening October 19 during the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) radio programme, Health Minister Hon. Carvin Malone said the BVI is moving apace with vaccination.

He said that 59.5 percent of the population received the first dose of COVID-19 vaccination and 56.5 percent are fully vaccinated.

Education Minister Hon. Natalio 'Sowande' Wheatley said the BVI has done well in managing the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Minister of Health, I want to commend you and I want to commend the health team, and the Virgin Islands. Some persons who seem to criticize because I guess they see that as a pathway to power…I know the health team doesn’t do this for any personal recognition, but it’s something that we can be proud of as Virgin Islanders,” he said last evening.

The minister added, “you look around the world and you see persons are struggling with this thing call COVID-19. The great United States of America, throughout Europe, throughout the Caribbean.”

Minister Wheatley said one will struggle to find a country which has managed the pandemic as good as the BVI.

“Right now, as we speak we have places being shut down and close down and we in the Virgin Islands despite all what the naysayers have said we have been able to managed COVID-19, one of the best managements of COVID-19 in the world. You have to struggle to find a place which has managed the COVID-19 crisis [better] than the Virgin Islands,” he stated.

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