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Tuesday, Nov 24, 2020

U.S. Citizen talking to Trump @ Trump Tower about censoring TikTok from U.S. users


Oh ya 108 days ago
Gee people get a life. For anyone over 60 it is just plain scary to see the youth like this idiot in the video. Tiktok is just a app. Get over it and do somrthing useful with your time. And the media talks about tictok stars... One loser watched by thoussnds of losers. You are not a star. Your a 6 yr old trapped in a adult body


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In the late 1930s, the Federal Reserve Board refused to admit it was a government institution. So Patman convinced the District of Columbia’s government to threaten foreclosure of all Federal Reserve Board property; the Board quickly produced evidence that it was indeed part of the federal government.

Matt Stoller
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