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Friday, Sep 30, 2022

VG Swimming Pool To Be Delivered In 2023 – Recreation Trust

VG Swimming Pool To Be Delivered In 2023 – Recreation Trust

The Recreation Trust has mapped out a plan to bring the Virgin Gorda swimming pool to fruition.
The swimming pool was partially built and has been on the development agenda for many years. However, Mrs. Dawn Crabbe – Herbert, Chairperson of the Recreation Trust recently told legislators that the timeline for completion is fall 2023.

Speaking during the Standing Finance Committee of the House of Assembly in November/December, Mrs. Crabbe-Herbert revealed that Trust will be partnering with the Virgin Gorda Charitable Association (VGCA).

She said the Board has approved and passed the resolution to enter into a relationship with the VGCA.

Crabbe-Herbert stated that the Trust has written to the VGCA formally for confirmation for the Trust to take over the project on behalf of the people of the Virgin Islands and the Virgin Gorda Pool Facility Stadium.

The Chair stated that once they received that correspondence from them they have also approved for Recreation Trust because they do not have the capacity to manage something on that level.

Dawn-Crabbe explained that the Board has agreed to pass another resolution to enter into a relationship with the Recovery and Development Agency (RDA) to manage the project on their behalf.

The Chair said that the RDA will be enlisted to manage all the funding that the Trust is engaging with our stakeholders.

Further the Chair indicated that the RDA will help with the leasing agreements when renting out the pool for a year and to ensure that a Board be put in place that will consists of the Government of the Virgin Islands, the Community, Recreation Trust, and the Swimming Association of the Virgin Islands to oversee and ensure the proper structure, good governance and regulations are in place to make sure that the facility not only operates, but that it operates at a profitable level for years to come.

As their first initiative, the Recreation Trust will be undertaken to bring an International Stadium well verse to the Virgin Islands.

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