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UK hospitality crisis escalates with funding depletion

The UK's hospitality sector is urgently requesting financial assistance from Chancellor Jeremy Hunt as businesses struggle to stay viable.
According to a UKHospitality survey, 25% of industry enterprises have exhausted their cash reserves, and almost a third only have funds to last a few more months.

Pubs, hotels, and eateries face major financial challenges, with nearly all reporting increased food and beverage costs, wage expenses, and concerns over the upcoming National Living Wage increase. Surging energy bills are compounding these issues, with 85% of venues deeply worried.

Business confidence is waning, as 64% of industry leaders are pessimistic about the next year, a 6% increase from four months ago. They're advocating for government action, including VAT cuts, reduced National Insurance, and an overhaul of the deemed inefficient and unjust business rates system. Calls for decreased alcohol duties have also surfaced.

Industry representatives warn of the sector's precarious situation, citing the closure of a quarter of businesses due to cash shortages and the loss of vital community spaces.

They highlight the need for immediate support to prevent further price increases and venue closures, emphasizing hospitality's critical role in the economy and community services. The government is urged to respond to these concerns to avert further industry decline.

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