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Friday, May 07, 2021

UK marine specialists to train local law enforcement officers next year

UK marine specialists to train local law enforcement officers next year

Six United Kingdom specialist marine police officers will be making their way to the territory early next year to join the ranks of the Royal Virgin Islands Force for two months to provide training and mentoring in marine policing and enforcement.

A joint media release from the Office of the Governor and the Premier’s Office on Monday said the training will include advanced boat handling and interdiction skills.

Speaking on the initiative, Governor Augustus Jaspert said this secondment will be invaluable to both the UK and BVI law enforcement officers.

“For BVI, it will enhance local capability in marine policing and interdiction, developing the skills of our local officers and the resilience of our law enforcement institutions. It aims to leave a lasting legacy of stronger local capability,” the governor said.

“For the UK officers, it will be an opportunity to learn from officers in BVI about the unique challenges we face and our cross-agency collaboration. I am grateful to the UK for this support at this critical time,” he added.

Premier welcomes capacity building

Premier Andrew Fahie said the territory welcomes the capacity-building of local law enforcement agencies in marine training and mentoring.

“I have asked the Chairman of the Joint Task Force Mr Wade Smith to ensure that the officers capitalise on the technical expertise and to ensure that the knowledge gleaned from this practical exchange is cascaded across all law enforcement agencies as we continue to prepare the territory for the future in this new regular,” Fahie stated.

The UK government will cover the costs of the deployment and the salaries of the UK officers. The UK officers will follow all health protocols on entering the BVI to ensure there is no risk. The BVI government will meet the costs of any quarantine.


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