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Wednesday, Nov 30, 2022

Ukraine's president seeks international trade embargo on Russia

Ukraine's president seeks international trade embargo on Russia

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy called on Monday for new international sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine, proposing a boycott of Russian oil and other Russian exports and a halt of exports to Russia.
Western sanctions imposed over Russia's military assault have already isolated Russia to a degree never before experienced by such a large economy.

Zelenskiy said the economic pressure needed to be increased, calling in effect for an international trade embargo on Russia.

"If the invasion continues and Russia has not abandoned its plans against Ukraine, then a new sanctions package is needed ... for the sake of peace," he said in a video address, mentioning a boycott of Russian oil and oil products in particular.

"Boycott imports to Russia - if they do not adhere to civilised rules, then they should not receive goods and services from civilisation - let the war feed them," he said.

Oh ya 267 days ago
Just remember this when the President of Ukraine speaks, it is really the words of George Soros., Zelenskiy is just a puppet for the nazi George. George installed Zelenskiy during the coup in 2014 which the USA was part of. Also remember the sons of romney, piglosi, biden and schummer all are on boards of Ukrainian gas companies. If it was not for the Russians pushing the Nazis back to the German border in WWII you might be speaking a differnt native tongue. George hates America and if you do not know this it is time you did a little research on what he is doing around the world.


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