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Unapproved businesses told to 'start getting ready to reopen'

Unapproved businesses told to 'start getting ready to reopen'

Businesses not yet cleared to operate are being told to start getting ready to reopen.

A media release from the Ministry of Health on Thursday advised these establishments that they are now “allowed to begin putting social distancing requirements and health protocols in place in time for re-opening on Sunday, May 10”.

That date is also earmarked for an extension of the current curfew by six more hours. The new curfew will run during nighttime hours from 7 pm to 6 am for 14 days.

The release, in the meantime, said Cabinet approved for these businesses to start making preparation recently, adding that the approval was done in accordance with the Curfew (No.15) Order, 2020, whose purpose is to control, suppress or prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus locally.

“As businesses prepare to be inspected by the Environmental Health Division and the Social Distancing Task Force, owners are reminded that they are to remain closed to the public until they are given the approval to do so by the authorities,” the release further said.

In the meantime, the list of businesses currently approved to operate comprises the following

Fishers and Farmers
Fuel Stations
Ferries for inter-island transportation only
Busses and Taxis with limited passengers
Construction companies, building and concrete supplies businesses
Home delivery services
Insurance and Financial Services that cannot be carried out remotely
Office supplies and equipment and electronic stores
Automotive parts and repairs
Manufacturers of hand sanitizers and personal protective equipment (PPEs)
Water and ice production and deliveries
Emergency household and business repairs as approved
Medical Establishments
Legal Establishments
Telecommunication companies
Hardware stores
Commercial and household supplies and appliances
Restaurants for delivery and take out
Beauty products supply stores
Courier Stores and Freight Agents
Veterinarian practices
Printing, graphics and signage supplies
Flower Shops
Real Estate Agents
Department and Clothing stores
Marine stores and Boatyard operations
Churches and places of worship
Funeral homes
Sanitisation, insect, mould and bug control companies.


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