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Thursday, May 19, 2022

‘Unavoidable’! Tender waived for over $1.3M in immigration detention and related services

‘Unavoidable’! Tender waived for over $1.3M in immigration detention and related services

Government’s decision to waive the tender process for several business contractors for the provision of immigration detention and related services has been described as ‘unavoidable’.
According to a recent Cabinet release which detailed decisions made on February 9, the contractors are expected to provide security services, meals, and temporary lodging for persons held in detention by the Immigration Department.

The government said that requesting a waiver of the tender process in these instances in the amount of $1,368,700 is unavoidable, as they occur spontaneously and are therefore unforeseeable and unplanned.

The contractors listed for the provision of these services are Alfred Christopher doing business as Hotel Castle Maria, Top Priority Security Services Limited, D’Urville Carty doing business as Top Brass Security Services, Triple A Security Inc, Elton Leonard doing business as Bobby’s Market Place, and Thecla Hopkins doing business as Freedom Book Café.

Meanwhile, Cabinet decided that the funding for the associated costs for temporary lodging, security services and meals be provided via supplementary appropriations to the budget,.

The post-Cabinet release further stated that this is expected to be “regularised in the next schedule of additional provision”.

According to the BVI’s Public Finance Management Regulation of 2005, goods or services or construction works valued at or equal to $100,000 or greater are expected to be procured through a public tender process.

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