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Thursday, May 06, 2021

'Understand racism & not expect to be honoured by racists'- Cromwell Smith

Says daughters were taught early on about systematic racism

As the conversation surrounding institutional racism deepens around the world, closer to home talk show host and social commentator, Mr Cromwell Smith aka 'Edju Enka' said at an early age he taught his American daughters about the presence of systematic racism in America.

"I have taught them that America, historically, has always been a systematically racist society and that they should understand racism and not expect to be honoured by racists," he said on the Sunday, June 14, 2020, edition of 'Real Talk' with Karia J. Christopher.

'Take responsibility for yourself'

"You have to take responsibility for your self, your protection and for your success, don't expect any advantages, don't expect any helping hands, don't expect anything at all, you take responsibility for your understanding of the society that you are in," he said.

According to Mr Smith, the key is to obey the rules, develop survival skills and not get upset if the police stops you, "there's no need for you to get in a tizzy, you be cool [and] respectful."

He said persons do comply with police requests; however, according to Ms Christoper, the behaviour is almost as if they are training people into submission via the behaviour.

According to Mr Smith, compliance, "is the recognition that you are not yet free and the question becomes in your mind, what freedom actually means."

Self-sustenance is freedom - Mr Smtih

He said freedom comes when you become self-sustainable and you have the power to protect yourself.

"As African people in the world, we can't continue with our current behaviours and expect freedom, we can't continue to support those who are against us... spend our dollars foolishly," he said.

He called for African leaders to be more accountable, for more unity and an understanding of the African identity, not just in the Virgin Islands but around the world.


Quote of the Day

Opportunities don't happen. You create them.

Chris Grosser
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