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Sunday, May 09, 2021

UNITE BVI introduces mental health support series - “Overcoming together, wellness through uncertainty”

UNITE BVI introduces mental health support series - “Overcoming together, wellness through uncertainty”

Unite BVI Foundation has partnered with Kelly Bos, to produce a short online mental health support series titled: “Overcoming Together: Wellness Through Uncertainty”.
Mrs. Bos, a social worker who practices psychotherapy for individual, marriage, and family relationships, interviewed several persons in the Virgin Islands on their personal and professional experiences with the pandemic, coping strategies and advice for others.

The interviewees include Dr. Virginia Rubaine, Sharia de Castro, Stacy Mather, Terri Benjamin, Kristin Frazer, Dr. Mike Turnbull, Henderson Tittle, Sarah Penney, and Greg George.

Foundation Manager Ms. Lauren Keil said, “Unite BVI funded the series in an effort to shed light on some of the mental health issues that Virgin Islands residents may be facing as a result of the pandemic, and to provide supportive resources and advice from mental health professionals and respected members of our community.”

Mrs. Bos said that BVI residents have faced a lot of uncertainty due to the hurricanes and floods of 2017 and the 2020 pandemic.

“As I interviewed these amazing experts I was reminded of the strength and solidarity people show in hard times. Each of these individuals had their own stress, loss and unknowns, but acted as helpers and pivoted their plans to find ways to help the community at large. I hope the series provides those watching with validation for the difficulties experienced collectively, practical tips to implement in their lives, and inspiration to continue to overcome together.”

To view the series, visit Unite BVI’s facebook page here –

Unite BVI Foundation is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to bridge resources and needs through trusted partnerships for the benefit of BVI communities and environmental conservation. Its vision is to create opportunities that inspire and empower a generation of world-changers, starting right here in the beautiful BVI.

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