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Unstable! Malone concerned over UK fracas, possible interim gov’t

Unstable! Malone concerned over UK fracas, possible interim gov’t

Territorial At-Large Representative Carvin Malone has expressed concern at recent political events in the United Kingdom (UK) and how they might affect things in the BVI.

Dozens of ministers, aides and other political allies of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigned yesterday, with calls for his resignation continuing to grow as the day progressed.

But Johnson ultimately agreed to resign as Tory party leader earlier today after the deluge of resignations continued. However, he will only step down as Prime Minister after autumn, later this year.

While appearing on the Big Story with Cathy Richards, Malone indicated that he felt concerned because of the order in council for the BVI that Governor John Rankin said was being held in reserve in the UK parliament.

The order in council will be the mechanism used to allow the UK, at any given time, to partially and temporarily suspend the BVI’s constitution and allow Governor John Rankin to take over the reins of leadership of the territory. However, this would only happen in the event that the BVI is not in compliance with deadlines in its framework agreement with the UK for reforms arising from the Commission of Inquiry (COI) report.

“It is concerning to me and I would say outright that I do not support any installation of interim governments or interim administration to run the affairs of the UK,“ Malone stated.

Malone said the people of the UK can handle their own affairs and argued that the people of the BVI should not interfere in the affairs of the United Kingdom.

Who will lead UK’s Foreign Office in charge of OTs?

When asked how the BVI could be affected by events in the UK, Malone expressed that if the UK government were to fall, it would be unclear who would then head up the Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office, which has oversight of the UK overseas territories.

Malone also stated that there would be new ministers appointed to administer the overseas territories, with the Virgin Islands being in the middle of everything.

He further argued that the BVI will only then be left with civil servants to turn to in the interim, if there were issues that needed to be addressed.

“We need to be able to have a steady and stable UK government in order for us to see us through this particular period,” Malone argued.


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