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Sunday, Dec 05, 2021

Up to $2000 fine set for violators of COVID-19 Public Health Order

As part of the Public Health (Covid-19 Control and Suppression Measures) (No. 4) Order, 2020, signed into effect by Deputy Premier and Minister of Health and Social Development, Honourable Carvin Malone (AL) on August 1, 2020, Police and Environmental Health Officers now have the powers to fine individuals breaking COVID-19 related rules.

Hon Malone said the order Signed August 1, 2020, reintroduces familiar provisions such as limitations on all gatherings to one person per sixty-four square feet and not exceeding fifty persons at any given time; and in the case of vulnerable persons, limited gatherings to no more than ten persons.

Businesses are also expected to put COVID-19 measures in places such as physical distancing protocols and sanitisation measures and to ensure that all staff and customers adhere to such physical distancing protocols and sanitisation measures.

If a Police or Environmental Health Officer; however, reasonably believes that a person or an establishment is contravening or has contravened COVID-19 guidelines, individuals will receive a verbal warning for the first breach and the second breach, a fixed penalty notice requiring the person to pay a fine of $100 plus mandatory training will be issued.

The fee moves to $200 for subsequent breach under individual status and businesses establishment for the first breach will also receive a verbal warning.

Customers of One Mart Superstore observe social distancing protocols on April 2, 2020, in the Virgin Islands.

$200 fine for individuals; $2000 for businesses

For businesses facing a second breach, there will be a fixed penalty notice and it will be requiring that the owner or operators of the establishment pay a fine of one thousand dollars, and notice for temporary closure, subject to such mandatory training and implementation of such corrective measures.

Businesses facing a third breach, however, will be issued a fixed penalty notice requiring the owner or operators to pay a fine of two thousand dollars, in addition to an order for the immediate closure of the establishment and the revocation of the Environmental Health Certificate.

According to Hon Malone, "It is my hope that not one citation will need to be issued, not one fine levied, and not one business to be forced to close."

He said that it can only be the case if VI holds its citizens and residents accountable to do the right thing in the best interest of all.


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