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Tuesday, Oct 20, 2020

'Up to govt to ultimately establish a housing estate for the homeless'

'Up to govt to ultimately establish a housing estate for the homeless'

The development of a “housing estate” on Tortola has been proposed as a solution to address the issue of homeless persons living in sections of the island.
Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health & Social Development, Petrona Smith-Davies, hinted at the proposal when she appeared before members of the Standing Finance Committee late last year.

She was responding to concerns from Representative of the Seventh Electoral District, Dr Natalio Wheatley, who said there is “a huge social issue” regarding the number of homeless persons in his constituency.

Dr Wheatley - a first-term legislator who inherited representation of the district from former NDP legislator, Dr Kedrick Pickering - did not specify how many vagrant persons were in his constituency but inquired whether the Social Development Ministry had a ‘comprehensive plan’ to fix the situation.

He also inquired if the development of social homes had been approved by the ministry.

According to the 2020 report on those SFC proceedings, Davies stated that “the matter raised was a very important one and ultimately for government to establish a housing estate in the communit

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