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Sunday, Jan 17, 2021

BVI Records New COVID-19 Case

BVI Records New COVID-19 Case

The BVI has recorded a new case of COVID-19 just over two months after being free of the pandemic.
Health Minister, Hon. Carvin Malone made the announcement a few moments ago this evening, August 1, 2020.

The BVI has now recorded nine cases with one death and seven recoveries.

Minister Malone indicated that the individual recently returned from abroad and is under quarantine at a government approved facility.

"Case Number 9 is a person who has recently returned to the Territory from abroad and is being kept under quarantine, in a Government contracted facility, in line with our Restricted Border Re-opening Protocols," the Minister stated.

He explained further that case #9 has displayed only mild symptoms and that 'we pray for a full and speedy recovery'.

"While the patient remains in isolation, testing will be repeated seven days from the first positive result, and again repeated until two negative laboratory tests have been recorded," Hon. Malone stated.

He shared that it comes as no surprise that the reopening of the Territory’s borders would lead to the importation of new cases.

"Which is why we have proactively put various Public Health measures in place to deal with such an eventuality. Several countries are currently grappling with increasing case counts, some of which have been linked to legal or illegal immigration," the Minister explained.

News of a new case comes at a time when several residents have lambasted the government over its recent move to extend the midnight curfew. Many have called on the government to further relax the curfew because there were no known cases and residents for the most part, have been wearing masks and practicing social distancing.

Also, recently a traveler from the BVI tested positive for COVID-19 upon her arrival in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The test has since reporter as false. However, the BVI Government acted quicky and placed Jost Van Dyke (JVD) on 24-hour lock down for seven days but after both residents and visitors on that island tested negative, the lock down was cut short.

On May 26 the Health Minister had announced that there were no active case of the virus, but warned that the fight is not over. Government continued to push for residents to follow the protocols to prevent the virus.

"Your Government clearly has an important responsibility to continue putting effective legal and administrative measures in place for the protection of the physical and economic health and wellbeing of our community. For these measures to work best, each of us as individuals must also continue to do our part," the Health Minister stated.

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