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Tuesday, Mar 09, 2021

UPDATE: JvD man says ‘attempted suicide’ reports are false

UPDATE: JvD man says ‘attempted suicide’ reports are false

A Jost van Dyke man who, according to reports on social media, attempted to take his own life by cutting himself on Sunday, August 23, 2020, has debunked the reports as false.

The man was yesterday afternoon, August 23, 2020, taken to Dr D Orlando Smith Hospital.

Photos of the man (name withheld) drenched with what appeared to be blood were circulated on social media and speculation was rife that he had injured himself in a suicide attempt.

Other reports reaching our newsroom included that a woman with whom he had a relationship with alleged that he told her via a phone call on Sunday that he was going to take his life. According to reports, the woman had been experiencing many challenges after she lost her job to COVID-19 and allegedly recently left the island.

The Jost van Dyke man was kept under observation at Dr D. Orlando Smith Hospital.

A man has reportedly attempted to take his on life on Jost van Dyke today, August 23, 2020.

‘I had bad vomiting’

Speaking exclusively to Virgin Islands News Online (VINO) from hospital today, August 24, 2020, the man said the reports are false and that he would never attempt to take his own life.

“I come here because I had bad vomiting. I vomited blood, so I here and they running some tests on me. What people put out there on me is false information.”

The man said when his “boss” and police came to his house yesterday he was in his bed and was taken to the health centre on JvD but was told he would be transferred to Tortola as his pressure was very high.

He said he started vomiting after eating some jerk pork he bought while on Tortola on Friday, August 22, 2020 and decided to take pictures of himself vomiting blood so his family members could see the state he was in just in case “something happened” to him.

‘I would never do those kinds of things’

He said the pictures circulating on social media are what he sent to one of his daughters but she shared with others and it leaked to social media.

“They start saying I cut myself and all kinds of things. I would never do those kinds of things.”

Asked about the reports about his girlfriend claiming he called her threatening to kill himself, the man said: “That is not true. I hear all kind of things.

“Just now me and my girlfriend was having a conversation. She just make a move in a different way to ease she head because she was going through a little problem. It is nothing about what they saying.”

No self-inflicted wounds

Meanwhile, our newsroom was informed by reliable sources within the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) that the man had no marks of violence, self-inflicted or otherwise.

It was noted; however, that he appeared weak and somewhat disoriented, which resulted in him being taken to the health centre on Jost van Dyke and subsequently transferred to Dr D Orlando Smith Hospital where he was treated and kept under observation.

See previous story published August 23, 2020

JvD man allegedly attempts suicide

Information just reaching our news centre is that there has been a report of an attempted suicide on Jost van Dyke today, August 23, 2020.

It is unclear why the man attempted to take his own life.

Police sources on Tortola have so far been unable to confirm or provide details but have promised to do so once information is received.


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