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Friday, Apr 16, 2021

USVI senate race: Vialet holds No. 1 spot in St Croix District

Senator Kurt A. Vialet maintained his number one spot in the 2020 General Election Senate race on St Croix, US Virgin Islands (USVI) on November 3, 2020, demonstrating the senator's staying power over the years.
Mr Vialet, who secured 4,421 votes, was followed by Genevieve Whitaker with 3,580 votes. In third place was Senator Novelle E. Francis Jr, who secured 3,468 votes. In fourth place is Senator Javan E. James with 3,454.

Sammuel Carrion, his first time in the race, secured the fifth spot with 3,178 votes. Also new to the race is Franklin D. Johnson, a former senior advisor to Governor Kenneth E. Mapp. Mr Johnson came in 6th with 3,167 votes, followed by Senator Kenneth L. Gittens in 7th place with 2,983 votes.

Senator Allison L. DeGazon, who came in second during the 2018 election, lost her Senate seat, coming in a dismal 9th with 2,733. Also failing to win a seat is former Senator Alicia Hansen, who came in number 10 with 2,726.

Ms Whitaker, Mr Carrion and Mr Johnson are newly elected members of the Senate. They replace Senator Oakland Benta, Ms DeGazon and Senator Alicia V. Barnes, who did not seek reelection.

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