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Monday, Mar 08, 2021

Vanterpool has undergone Police Commissioner training

Vanterpool has undergone Police Commissioner training

Police Commissioner Michael Matthews has revealed that the training Superintendent Jacqueline Vanterpool received in the UK recently is only done by future Commissioners of Police.
The training is called the Strategic Command Program and Vanterpool underwent the course from January 6 to March 19 this year.

While she completed the command program, Commissioner Matthews declined to explicitly state whether Superintendent Vanterpool is currently a contender to become his immediate successor when he vacates his post in less than six months.

He, however, said: “The Strategic Command Program is for future Commissioners of Police. We organised that, we prepared Jackie for that. We sent her over to the UK and as a result of that, Jackie’s currently got a UK mentor who’s in regular contact with her, guiding her, helping her develop her training and personal development further, to wherever she wants to take her career.”

Commissioner Matthews said the opportunity Superintendent Vanterpool received shows that more is being done to prepare locals to take top positions in the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF).

“To put it bluntly, I just simply do not accept the argument that we haven’t done enough. What I do accept is there’s more to do. But we cannot sit in a bubble, in isolation here and say we’ve got all the skills that’s necessary. It would be lovely if we did. But the reality is we haven’t but we’ve been on a journey,” the Commissioner explained.

He added that he is one of four UK officers in the BVI’s police force, something he sees as a positive sign since there were far more UK officers holding senior positions in previous years.

With less than six months to go before his departure, residents are anxious to see who will be appointed to the highest post in the BVI’s police force.

There are many favourites, including Superintendent Vanterpool who is frequently touted as a suitable candidate for the post.

In 2018, the highly-respected Superintendent became the first female in the history of the British Virgin Islands to command the parade for the Queen’s Birthday celebrations.

She’s also the first female local to become a Superintendent in the RVIPF — a rank she has held for four years now.

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