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Thursday, Jan 27, 2022

VG man sent to Partnership for Peace after attacking pregnant wife

VG man sent to Partnership for Peace after attacking pregnant wife

A man accused of punching his wife who was at full-term pregnancy has been ordered to enrol in the territory’s Partnership for Peace Programme which seeks to utilise restorative justice practices to tackle domestic violence issues.

The 45-year-old Handsome Bay resident — whose name our news centre has opted not to publish to protect the victim’s identity — pleaded guilty to assault when he appeared in the Magistrate’s Court on Thursday.

The court was told the incident occurred on November 28 last year at the apartment the couple shared in Virgin Gorda. It is reported that the offender had visited a friend and returned home visibly drunk. His wife of two-years at the time was upset and his efforts to placate her proved futile.

The court was told that the offender got upset his efforts were not enough and attacked his wife who was 38 weeks pregnant. A tussle ensued.

The defendant is said to have hit his wife continuously in the face. The court was also told that at some point during the fight, the wife slipped and she felt a sharp pain in her stomach and thigh area. The husband continued to slap her in the face and when she managed to escape, he threw a kettle at her which missed.

The court was told the offender’s wife left the apartment to quell the altercation. He reportedly made after her again and his cousin who lived downstairs intervened and stopped the altercation from escalating any further.

The court was told the wife did not want to pursue the matter against her husband as she said he was never abusive to her or their infant child at the time.

She noted his level of intoxication may have played a role in the attack. The offender told the court he was drunk as he had spent the entire day in the Valley drinking with his friend. He also indicated he was still living with his wife and their children in Virgin Gorda.

Another case of domestic abuse

That drunken abuser is one of two men the court ordered in the Partnership Programme yesterday. The other man is a 32-year old government mechanic who also pleaded guilty for beating his common-law partner in front of their children.

That woman received soft tissue injuries to her forehead and jaw. She also sustained injuries to her ear as she was punched there as well. The assault is said to have stemmed from an argument the couple had about whether she planned on moving out of the apartment they shared in Baughers Bay.

Both cases were adjourned until March 24, 2022 when the offenders will return for a report on their progress in the Partnership for Peace Programme. The court will then make a decision on sentencing based on the recommendations from the programme’s coordinator.

In the meantime, the mechanic was granted bail in the sum of $15,000 while the other man was granted $20,000 bail.


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