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Thursday, Dec 07, 2023

VI could hold possible oil wealth off Anegada – Bishop John I. Cline

VI could hold possible oil wealth off Anegada – Bishop John I. Cline

Outspoken clergyman Bishop John I. Cline has called for the Virgin Islands (VI) to explore more renewable energy resources for cost mitigation; however, he did not discount that the territory could hold possible oil resources that warrant exploration.

Speaking on March 2, 2023, via a video posted on the ‘My BVI’ Facebook page, Mr Cline added that with access to technology, the Virgin Islands should look more into renewable energies, since it does not have the capacity to generate its own oil to reduce energy costs.

“We don't have oil wealth, maybe there's oil off Anegada and I don't think that's beyond exploration, maybe it's been tried before... We should go back and look, because I think there's something out there.”

In the interim, he said the VI still has access to renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and the ocean which are all sources of clean energy.

The Bishop said VI should explore possible oil resources off Anegada but in the interim, he said the VI should still look into renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and the ocean.

VI already has access to renewable energy - Bishop Cline

“We have access to this type of renewable energy and sometimes we talk about waste management. What to do with all the garbage that's being generated? Well, there's something called an anaerobic digester and it is something that turns garbage into energy,” he further added.

The Bishop; however, said the VI seems to be stuck on a dependence on fossil fuel while the rest of the world and region are moving ahead with renewable energy.

“I believe that we can do better with renewable energies, o that we can minimise our dependence on fossil fuel and the high bill that we have to pay,” he added.

Bishop Cline had previously called for urgent intervention into VI's rising energy cost, which he said was causing a struggle for both residents and local businesses.

He said in order for the VI to reduce its dependence on fossil fuel, however, it would take courageous, visionary, and sound leadership in the current political season.

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