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Monday, Apr 12, 2021

VI students given opportunity to train in local health sector

VI students given opportunity to train in local health sector

Premier and Minister of Finance, Hon Andrew A. Fahie has revealed that several young students in the Virgin Islands (VI) who were interested in the local health sector, were given the opportunity to participate in a summer academic training programme.

“As part of the 1000 jobs 1000 days initiative, we provided over 30 college and university students with a three-month opportunity to take part in a structured work-to-learn environment, where they translated academic training in a working environment,” Hon Fahie revealed.

Premier Fahie in a December 29, 2020, statement said, “I am pleased that I could support this initiative pushed aggressively by the Minister for Health and Social Development Honorable Carvin Malone (AL). Without wavering, he lobbied for the Government of the Virgin Islands to assist with funding this important initiative as we continue to think about preparing our young people today for tomorrow."

According to the Premier, both the facilitators and the youths met via an online chat, where the participants of the programme reflected and discuss their areas of studies, experiences, and knowledge gained as part of the initiative.

Youths Filling out registration forms for the 1000 Jobs in 1000 Days employment initiative at Central Administration Complex in Wickham’s Cay 1 on August 21, 2019.

Move will aid medical tourism plans - Premeir Fahie

“It was indeed great to hear them talk about their memorable experiences and their varying interests in pathology, general practitioner, pediatric, surgeon, nursing, and midwives, to name a few," Hon Fahie said.

“The future of the Virgin Islands is bright. I am pleased that your Government of the Virgin Islands provided a platform for learning so that our young people could gain experience and cement their interest in the health sector. This is important as this country thinks about medical tourism to service the needs of the local and global audience,” the Premier underscored.

He expressed gratitude to Health Minister Hon Malone, Acting Chief Executive Officer of the BVI Health Services Authority Mrs Patricia Malone-Smith, Chairman of the Board Dr Joel Stevens, Director of Communications Dr Arliene T. Penn, and programme coordinator Ms Sylvia Barzey for their work on the initiative.


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