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Saturday, Jun 12, 2021

VIP has done more for D3 in 2 years than the NDP did in 8 years

VIP has done more for D3 in 2 years than the NDP did in 8 years

Senior Opposition legislator Julian Fraser has said he has gotten more achieved for his constituency under the Andrew Fahie-led administration than the previously governing National Democratic Party (NDP).

The Fahie administration has only been in the government for almost two years now, while the previous NDP government was in power for two consecutive terms.

Fraser’s comments came during a recent session in the House of Assembly where he made it clear that his comments were not political but a mere fact of how his District has been advancing since February 2019.

“I’ve said that I have gotten more successes under this government as a district representative over those 22 months than I have gotten from the past government of eight years. In no uncertain terms am I in any way promoting the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) government or in any way supporting the government. I have nothing to gain by doing that. I’m just being honest about what I’m talking about,” he stated.

Several completed projects to justify statement

To justify his position, Fraser listed a number of projects he had been advocating for over the years. They were only addressed under the VIP administration.

He said: “You know the Sea Cow’s Bay Chalwell Road — that first section that everyone could see that concrete trucks were dumping concrete on for years. No matter how I tried to get that fix, I couldn’t get it fixed. The works were good, the promises were good, we made site visits, we did all kinds of things but it never happened.”

“That same Sea Cow’s Bay Chalwell Road, a huge section of it was compromised after Cable & Wireless decided to bury cables in it, and the road start shifting towards the cliff and it was a dangerous section of road for quite some time and that was fixed,” the Third District Representative added.

Hannah Hill dilemma also solved

Fraser, who is former member and Chairman of the VIP, further referenced the previous existing dilemma of the Hannah Hill Road which he said was in a state of disrepair for a long time.

“We tried to asphalt it [Hannah Hill Road] because it was the most convenient way to do it for the residents. You could asphalt the road and drive on it the same day, but if you try to concrete it, it takes days, and in my case, it recently took over a month to get it concrete but we got it done,” Fraser stated.

In addition to these numerous road repairs, Fraser listed the other projects which have either been completed or in the process of being completed.

These include building a wall in Palestina, enabling funds under the Caribbean Development Bank to put traps in sections of the ghut located in Albion, and fixing the drainage issue that existed at the Sea Cow’s Bay Community Centre over the years.

Fraser said some major works are also expected to commence on the infrastructure of the Sea Cow’s Bay Community Centre in short order.


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