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VIP’s candidate selection process unfair — Ellis-Simpson

VIP’s candidate selection process unfair — Ellis-Simpson

Independent Territorial At-Large candidate, Mitsy Ellis-Simpson, has challenged the level of fairness exhibited during the Virgin Islands Party’s (VIP) congressional meeting, which took place earlier this month.
Ellis-Simpson told the Talking Points radio show that she attempted to represent the party as a candidate, but was unsuccessful after going through the VIP’s congressional process.

When asked whether she felt she was taking away votes from the party by contesting the elections as an independent candidate, Ellis-Simpson suggested there was a bigger picture to be examined than the usual party politics.

“This election is not a matter of taking away votes from anyone,” she stated. “The challenges are there on the ground. A person like myself, with my abilities, I don’t want to sit down to the side for another four years knowing that I can do well by the country.”

She added: “This is a situation where, in my opinion, when I went through the process, in my opinion, I felt like the process was not fair and normal to myself.”

Ellis-Simpson explained further that after considering her skillset and observing the process that took place with the VIP’s former candidate, Shereen Flax-Charles, she was comfortable with the decision she ultimately made.

“[I am] very much comfortable 100% that I have made the right decision to come forth to the people,” she expressed. “To speak to the people and put my thoughts out there, and not just my thoughts, [but] my ability and my training, because your ideas have to go towards implementation.”

Ellis-Simpson further argued that she wanted to ensure persons are able to hear from her directly, especially in terms of the ideas she feels are necessary for moving the BVI forward.

The independent candidate said much of the ideas she has are geared specifically towards the people and creating an environment that would allow them to flourish.

She highlighted affordable housing, improved access to properties, and a greater distribution of potable water across the territory as being among the issues she intended to focus on if elected.

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