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Monday, Aug 02, 2021

Virtual training for secondary school educators to start today

Virtual training for secondary school educators to start today

Private and public secondary school teachers will commence online training in the Google Classroom today, April 23.

The training for all secondary school teachers has come just after the Ministry of Education successfully completed training for all primary school teachers this week.

Chief Education Officer Connie George told BVI News that the primary school teachers had undergone training firstly in the Cisco Webex platform which began on April 3, then proceeded with the Google Classroom platform which ran from April 16.

“We’ve been doing training since the 3rd of April, virtually. It has been exceptional,” George stated.

In a preceding statement, she had also commended all participating teachers for their level of dedication shown and willingness to adapt to the new virtual education system.

“I am pleased with the enthusiasm shown, the positive attitude and the excellent attendance of the primary school teachers to the Google training. As this experience is new to most, I encourage you to continue with patience and practice what you have learnt,” the Chief Education Officer added.

The second day for training of secondary school teachers commences on Friday, April 24.

Ministry putting other measures in place for online learning

Meanwhile, the Education Ministry has been putting a number of other measures in place to facilitate the smooth transition of virtual learning in the BVI.

These include conducting a territory-wide survey to determine how well students will be able to access online classroom platforms from home; working with the telecommunication providers to have special internet packages available for students and teachers; and their Adopt-a-School programme which has seen donation of Chromebook devices that will be made available for in-need students.

Online learning platforms are being implemented as local schools remain closed because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.


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