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Friday, Feb 28, 2020

War Is On! Gov't Offering Reward For Whistleblowers

War Is On! Gov't Offering Reward For Whistleblowers

Government has added an incentive to help with its fight to rid the Territory of derelict which accumulated following hurricanes in 2017.
"Derelict Vehicles are on the hide!! Our whistle blowers are on hot pursuit," stated Minister for Health and Social Development, Hon. Carvin Malone.

He added, "You report it, (468-9913); solid waste tag it; truckers remove it; Bam $80 paid!" According to the Minister, truckers are on the move on Tortola in the East, West, North and South.

"No hiding place for derelicts. Duff Bottom - Look out!!! Our troops are closing in," the Minister declared.

Back in November, the Government announced a push on hurricane waste before enacting stiff penalties.

Hon. Carvin Malone said that clearing the metals and derelicts at the collection site in Pockwood Pond is an important step in the overall waste management strategy.

“We needed to get the works done at this site so that we can then clean up Sea Cows bay, clean up Cox Heath and clean up Paraquita Bay and then put a clean-up campaign [in place] for the entire Territory….when we are done we want to have the Waste Management Act passed so that we will have stiff penalties for anyone who is intent on breaking the laws in terms of how they dispose their waste,” the Minister stated.

A 5,000 ton barge will transport the metals and derelicts out of the Territory in partnership with Caribbean Environmental Restoration Limited. The vessel will travel in and out of the Territory within the coming weeks in an effort to complete the processing and transporting of derelicts from Virgin Gorda as well.

The Department of Waste Management has collected 12,000 tons of scrap metal and 3000 derelicts since 2017 and is continuing the collection process. Owners or residents who are in need of assistance are asked to contact (284) 468-4934 to schedule collection free of cost.

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