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Sunday, Mar 07, 2021

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin suggest to “burn down the Republican Party”

The Washington Post columnist, Jennifer Rubin, suggest to “burn down the Republican Party. Because if there are survivors....they will do it again”.
From efficiency point of view, Jennifer is right. Burning 70 million Trump’s voters so “they will never do it again” is cheaper than using again Zyklon B pesticide (The Nazis began using Zyklon B in extermination camps in early 1942 to murder prisoners during the Holocaust).

Burning political opponents is definitely also cheaper than using again Agent Orange (the chemical weapon the Democrat John F. Kennedy used to genocide Vietnamese political opponents).

But I am not sure that this is what USA is all about, and I am not sure this is why America saved the world -include Jennifer Rubin’s Jewish family- from, in 1945.

Delegitimizing 70 million voters because of their different point of view, is exactly the same as what Joseph Goebbels and the that time popular news paper Der Stürmer did to the 70 million Jewish, Russians and Roma (Gypsies).

By offering Americans to adopt the same Final Solution (German: Endlösung, or Endlösung der Judenfrage - the Final Solution to the Jewish Question) to the Republicans people, the Washington Post writer Jennifer Rubin should better be sent to one of the luxury re-education camps in China, just to learn not only what democracy is all about, but also to learn few basics about human rights.

We may oppose Trump, all his administration and all his supporters, but we should never ever think, wish or suggest to cut them off the society.

Just as the Democrats are, the Republicans represents -for good and for bad- USA. Non of the sides is 100% innocent, free from mistakes nor clean from wrong doing.

Republicans are not the enemies of USA, and the Democrats are not the enemies too. “The whole idea of democracy is to let different people to live in peace together, despite their differences” (Bach, “On Democracy”).

We can argue with each other, disagree and definitely fight against wrong and prohibited “solutions” that both sides suggest against the other, but no one should never abuse the power democracy gives the winners to eliminate the human and civil rights of the losers.

We should never unto others what we don't want done unto us.

Because What Goes Around...Comes Around.

Rico 111 days ago
Boo-Hoo, this type of crap has been coming out of Republicans' mouths and echoed on Fox Noise for years. And now that it's being thrown back at them, they cry.
LCH 111 days ago
I am a Republican and this is a threat to my life. Any good lawyers out there for a challenge. I feel threatened that she is going to carry this out. What an ungrateful person. I am a veteran who served for 20 years.
J.R. 112 days ago
Jennifer Rubin is an evil authoritarian communist spreading hate while posing as a journalist, but she is a radical leftist propagandist and activist


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