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Thursday, Dec 07, 2023

Watch: An important lesson for all those racists who oppose Rishi Sunak because of his origins and colour

It is both entertaining and sad to see that all those British racists are suddenly shocked by the fact that a person whose skin color is different from their own has been appointed - without an election - to control the United Kingdom. It seems they do not understand how bad Britain was in its colonial days when it conquered and ruled so many other countries.
They don’t care that he Was not democratically elected. They don’t care that he is a tax evader; they don't care that he has no economic plan; they don't care that he lies to the public and parliament; they don't care that he is cocaine-addicted; they don't care that he has no skills to run a country; and they certainly don't care that he is against democracy and human rights.

All they care is about his skin color. Disgusting. And Stupid.

We should support Rishi Sunak simply for the opportunity to punish all those racists Britons. We should wish him every success in order to show those racists that he can do so much better than all the white Prime Ministers who were abject failures before him.

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