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Saturday, Jun 19, 2021

Watching & waiting for the end of trump’s corruption

Watching & waiting for the end of trump’s corruption

Accepting Reality in the New Year:

Best Wishes and Happy New Year! 2021 has arrived… Last year was a rough year for everyone except those steeped in Trumpism so, if this year’s sayings sound familiar and repetitious, it’s only because they are based on Reality and necessary for the Future of our Youth… It is unfortunate that, the past 4 years have seen us constantly brutalised into accepting the lies of Leaders over the evidence of Truth.

Nonetheless, our long tradition of accepting the US and UK as role models of morality were finally challenged and broken for the better… The presence of Social Media allowed us access to Real-Time Facts, where the corruptness of Laws and Policies appeared enacted for the benefit of those in Authority to the detriment of all others – This exposure highlighted the persistent absence of Fairness and Justice.

Nonetheless, many still accept the lies all around us, as Truth remains endangered… Over 4 years ago, when I warned that it would be harder getting Trump out than it was to put him in, and, that he could destroy America and the World, no one believed… Today we are seeing these come to pass in dramatic fashion and still, many remain too stubborn, wicked or blind to accept facts and change for the better.

None of us has all the answers and solutions and should be wary of empty promises… It’s unwise to regard ourselves as mere Spectators or unlikely Victims of America’s Actions, when, our Trickle-down position of dependency, puts us at great risk… Furthermore, we are directly affected by such negative UK influences, as: Brexit’s Social and Financial changes, New Viral Strains and Vaccine uncertainties.

Sometimes solving Problems require accepting Mistakes:

This Pandemic remains a brutal learning experience and the best we can do is to acquire information in order to formulate reasoned opinions and Actions – Government may be right and doing the best they can so I may be wrong in being deeply concerned about the gravity of the Crisis and how it is being handled – However, possible deaths from Use-of-Masks and other Medical Neglect, deeply worry me.

After all, it is no secret that the Virus has increased its ability to infect us all, and the US and UK appear to be losing their Battles against it… Please bear in mind that Viruses, only change in order to prevent their own demise, and we too, must learn to change for our own survival… Unfortunately, most of us are still demanding that our lives be returned to Normal, even if this results in an increase in Deadly Cases.

We must live to learn for Dead men tell no tales, and while, it’s always best to be right, we must be very careful not to allow previous mistakes or overreactions to block us from new reasoned decisions… In this ongoing Process, we should not become desensitised by the Anegada’s Quarantine and Jost van Dyke’s lock-down, that resulted from a single Positive Test in St Vincent, which later proved Negative.

Our Challenges will not be easy but thanks to the God of Nature and Laws of Balance, things are not as bad as they could be… Instead of 4 more years of Trump’s State-sponsored Corruption, we now hope for meaningful Virus Control and a chance to Build Back Better… Still, we must watch and wait a few more days before we are sure - Until then, I have postponed addressing our own Civil Service Corruption.


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