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Saturday, Nov 28, 2020

Water & Sewerage Department rolling out digital meters

Water & Sewerage Department rolling out digital meters

The Water & Sewerage Department is rolling out a digital metering network which is said to be optimised for residential use.
The digital meters are said to come with built-in communication to include remote reading either by drive, by reading, or a fixed network.

Director of Water & Sewerage Perline Scatliffe Leonard said the initial management training is now complete for the operation of the digital meters, specifically known as the ultrasonic water meter Kamstrup FlowIQ 2100.

According to a media release for the aforesaid department, “the introduction of the network will decrease data collection time and improve on the deficiencies experienced over the years in billing, as it will allow for accurate readings to an optimised low start flow which ensures that even the smallest consumption is efficiently measured”.

In the meantime, Premier Andrew Fahie has said work on the new digital network includes “purchasing of water meters, upgrading the billing system, and addressing leaks in the network”.

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