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‘We going to change the baton’- Aaron F. Parillon

‘We going to change the baton’- Aaron F. Parillon

National Democratic Party (NDP) candidate for the Third District Mr Aaron F. Parillon believes the time has come for a new representative in the district and that person is he.

Speaking at his official campaign launch across from The Boys Gas Station in Sea Cows Bay last night, March 25, 2023, Mr Parillon called on the electorate to “change the baton.”

The Third District has been represented by Hon Julian Fraser RA, the current Opposition Leader, since 1999.

“Now the baton was passed from Oliver Cills to Mr Fraser before the very eyes of some of us, some if us very grandchildren of Roslyn and George Smith, but you know what happen? Now is the time for that baton to change.”

The other candidates in the Third District are incumbent representative Hon Julian Fraser RA, left, of Progressives United (PU) and Mr Kevin C. Smith aka 'OJ' of the Virgin Islands Party (VIP).

‘We going to change the baton’- Parillon

Mr Parillon said the Third District needs a fresh, new, humble, loyal, and consistent leader.

“So when you go to the polls on the 20th and 24th, change the baton. A say we going to do what? Change the baton. We going to change the baton,” Mr Parillon emphasised.

The NDP candidate, who contested unsuccessfully for the Third District seat in 2015, also appeared to take a swipe at the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) candidate for the Third District, Kevin C. Smith aka ‘OJ’.

Mr Smith previously contested for the Third District seat under the National Democratic Party (NDP) banner but was among the many who have left the party after not being pleased with the direction the party has been going.

Mr Parillon described himself as consistent and loyal.

“And if they come to you, and they ran before, and you ain’t see them again, don’t even hold that baton. Leave that baton, because that baton left you,” he said.

Mr Parillon continued that the Third District needs a “fresh” leader.

“There are those who will tell you they are well seasoned and I am fresh, but you know what, from your experience, you need a little freshness in your life…and [in] this community, we need some freshness. We need some freshness.”

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