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Tuesday, Oct 03, 2023

We need a Police Chief that has a hatred for evil & crime

We need a Police Chief that has a hatred for evil & crime

As I sit here and meditate, it is so disturbing how far these islands have fallen. When I sit back and look over the condition of the islands, a place that is supposed to be a fortress and a tourist’s dream, all I see is garbage and trash. I see a people living in an elevated level of stress. Our seniors are not in a place where they can live a comfortable life and there are no programmes to help our poor and ill.
Our mentally ill are living in a state of distress and there is no sign or reflection of hope.

Right now as it draws close to election, some of the politicians are beginning to operate out of self-preservation and are trying to make a show, but please listen to me, the beginning of change comes with character. Unless things are put in place to bring a change of character, nothing will change.

A presence of authority needed

First and foremost, we need a Police Chief that has a hatred for evil and crime, not one that is just looking for a paycheck.

A presence of authority is needed on these islands that says there are consequences to your actions. Orders have to be put in their rightful place. We need street and traffic signs so that people would know the rules of the road and not just be a free for all.

Please make the laws and ordinances visible on the island so that no one would have an excuse and can be held accountable for their actions. Equip our officers and put a Crime Prevention Programme in place for there is none right now. 

Our police force is one of response and the damage is done when they get there.

Govern the people if you want to be called Government. Fund the people so more jobs can be created in the private sector so that everyone is not reliant on Government. 

Please let us grow up as a country.

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