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Sunday, Nov 29, 2020

'We need to teach our children how to fail'- Angelle A. Cameron

Former Mrs BVI, Angelle A. Cameron said that as part of preparing Virgin Island youths for the future, it is important to teach them how to fail and the importance of failure as part of the learning and growing process.

Ms Cameron was at the time speaking on the Tuesday, February 4, 2020, edition of her radio show ‘My BVI’ on Zking 100.9 FM on the topic of ‘The Youth Agenda’.

The Youth Agenda

“A lot of times in the various circles, we hear a lot of cry for the youths to be involved in things, because most time, activities and ideas are always being discussed as adult business, especially in the Caribbean,” she told the listening audience.

According to Mrs Cameron, in the last five years, however, youths are starting to take the lead across industries in areas of ingenuity, business & innovation.

“You see youth becoming billionaires, you see them taking over music industries… You see the world changing differently and that is looked at in two lights.” She said while some people are happy about the changes, others resent the whole youth agenda.

Mrs Cameron noted that empowering the future should still be a key focus today as well as creating a continuity plan to keep youths at the forefront of those empowerments. She said as a people, adult Virgin Islanders also have to learn to grow along with the youths and not be left behind.

Learning to accept failure

“Another thing that came to mind is knowing that it's ok to fail… I fail at teaching my kids how to fail,” she said in laughter.

She said as parents and guardians, it is important to regress emotions and immediate towards failure in children whenever something is not achieved.

“We need to teach our children how to fail and that its ok to fail, not that it's ok to fail and stay there... But that its ok when you do fail, that failure is expected in some instances, that it's ok not to get everything,” she said.


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