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‘We’re being ripped off’: England’s ‘affordable-housing’ residents who are being priced out of their own homes

Residents of "affordable housing" in England, particularly those in developments like Elephant and Castle's £2.5bn regeneration project, are facing steep increases in service charges, making their homes unaffordable for many.
Charges have soared to over £5,000 annually, covering expenses like neighborhood security and maintenance of public amenities promised by developers, such as parks and community spaces.

For example, individuals in the Marson apartments have seen monthly service charges jump by nearly 40%. The lack of transparency in how these costs are calculated has left residents feeling exploited and questioning the affordability of their homes.

This issue is not isolated, as similar stories emerge across the country, prompting protests against these hikes. Developers and housing associations cite various reasons for the increases, including enhanced safety regulations and insurance costs, but affected residents argue that these charges contradict the premise of affordable housing.
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