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Friday, May 07, 2021

We’re ready! BVI’s tourism industry officially opens today

We’re ready! BVI’s tourism industry officially opens today

After some eight months of closure, the wait is finally over. The BVI will start accepting tourists to its shores as of today December 1.
In the coming weeks, businesses in the tourism industry and others indirectly linked to it will be closely monitoring the number of visitors who will arrive at the Terrance B Lettsome airport — the first open port of entry in the territory.

Last night, the government officially opened the airport which has been upgraded with resources and equipment suitable for travel within the COVID-19 era.

Speaking at the official opening ceremony of the airport, Premier Andrew Fahie outlined a number of changes the government has made since the closure of the tourism industry, adding that the BVI is now ready to showcase its tourism product in a manner that is safe for both guests and visitors.

“The changes we have made will reflect that we are ready for you (visitors). The government took a brief hiatus to ensure that we implement health and safety protocols to keep you and our residents safe. We have strategically revised our legislation, improved our medical facilities with equipment, human resource and other tools needed to ensure that we are equipped to manage your health. We are ready for you,” Premier Fahie assured.

He reiterated that businesses and public spaces have implemented social distancing measures and increased sanitization stations to ensure visitors’ health and safety.

“The Terrance B Lettsome airport’s newly-constructed Welcome Centre is the advent of the visitor’s welcome experience and is designed with a lounge, swabbing stations, isolation rooms, restrooms and more. Inside the restrooms, you don’t have to touch anything to get inside… we’ve made everything touchless in the restrooms,” Premier Fahie explained.

Visitors, as well as residents who are hoping to travel to the BVI, have to register via BVI Gateway, where they’ll also upload test results to prove they are COVID-19 free. Visitors will also have to purchase a special COVID-19 app and tracking bracelet to monitor their movements throughout their vacation in the BVI.

Additionally, all visitors will be subjected to a mandatory four-day quarantine upon arrival in the BVI. The BVI’s marine ports are expected to reopen to visitors next week.

The territory has only one active COVID-19 case at this time. Tha patient is a returning resident who is currently under quarantine.

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