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Saturday, May 08, 2021

We received numerous complaints about Jaspert too

We received numerous complaints about Jaspert too

Premier Andrew Fahie has said he, too, received a large number of complaints about immediate past Governor Augustus Jaspert, and said he reported them to the United Kingdom on several occasions.

However, according to the Premier, the reports which were sent to the UK during Jaspert’s tenure fell on deaf ears.

Premier Fahie made the statement during a recent social media programme. He said he is now speaking of those matters about the former governor since he believes the territory’s reputation has been attacked in the international press since news of the Commission of Inquiry (COI).

“We have had many persons come to us about things dealing with the governor. We have had many instances with the governor. I have enough correspondences to fill this table that we have written with concerns with the governor overreaching our constitutional rights in the territory and every time the UK would write back, ‘we support Gus’,” Premier Fahie said.

“We have had sections where even the Attorney General had pointed out where the governor has gone past his remit in the constitution and at no point in the last 23 months has the UK addressed that. So, we understand what is happening here,” he added.

Where’s the substantive evidence?

Premier Fahie, who previously questioned how the former governor ordered the COI, had a few more questions he needed answers to.

“I’m not against the Inquiry providing that it is done transparently because we have nothing to hide. It’s a first time to see an inquiry for example speaking about COVID-19 funds, and when you see them went internationally and say that it was put into allies and friends’ pockets. Where is the information to substantiate this? How can you go internationally as a responsible human being and put these things out?” the leader of government business asked.

The Commission of Inquiry has already commenced and will see a number of hearings happening throughout the territory in the coming weeks.


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