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Sunday, Jan 17, 2021

Weddings, funerals & churches limited to 20 persons maximum

During the 7 hours of lifted curfew on a daily basis for the next 14 days, residents of the Virgin Islands have been asked to continue practising personal hygiene and social distancing as they conduct business in the public.

Further, gatherings have been limited to no more than 20 persons, while gatherings of persons considered vulnerable have been limited to 10 persons.

According to the Public Health (COVID-19 Control & Suppression Measures) (no.2) Order, 2020 Gazetted April 26, 2020 and comes into effect today, April 27, 2020, gatherings include weddings, funerals, faith-based and spiritual activities, sporting and recreational activities, cultural activities, commercial activities; and, non-essential gatherings and events.

Schools and beaches will remain closed.

Teachers may access schools

“For the purposes of protecting public health and for the prevention, control and suppression of the spread of the virus, all public schools and private schools shall be closed and all school-related extra-curricular activities shall be discontinued.

Notwithstanding, teachers and staff of public and private schools may access their schools to prepare lectures or materials for the purpose of engaging their students online,” the order stated.

Meanwhile, every establishment including offices, businesses and organisations have been mandated to put in place social distancing protocols and sanitisation measures and to ensure all staff and customers adhere to them.

The Virgin Islands emerged from a month of total lockdown today, April 27, 2020, due to COVID-19.

The Territory has 2 active cases of the virus.


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