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Thursday, May 06, 2021

Wellbeing of public officers to be addressed

Wellbeing of public officers to be addressed

As the territory continues to celebrate Public Service Wellness Week, public officers are being encouraged to participate in some of the activities which are geared towards enlightening persons on the importance of their well-being and mental health.

A media release from the Officer of the Deputy Governor stated that this year’s theme is ‘Commit to be fit: Mind, Body and Soul’.

Employee Relations Manager and Employee Assistance Programme Coordinator, Noreen Callwood-Lewis said that both the well-being and mental health of an employee’s is important as it impacts productivity.

She said: “The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) offers confidential counselling for all Public Officers. That means if you have issues on your job, if you have issues in terms of your home life, your private life or with your children EAP is here to help and offer assistance.”

EAP Counsellor Dr Albert Thompkins explained that the week of activities were designed with the needs of public officers in mind, and therefore encouraged them to participate in whatever event they can.

“We are living in extraordinary times. We recognise that some fun activities while building awareness, are always essential to assist persons during difficult times. As such, we continue to have events such as Public Service Wellness Week, and we invite every Public Officer to take time out of their busy schedule and join us,” Dr Thompkins stated.


The week of activities commenced from Monday, November 16 and will continue until Friday, November 20.

The Healthy Eating Challenge will run for the entire week while on Wednesday there will be a Complete Health Improvement Programme (CHIP) presentation entitled ‘Better Sleep for Better Wellness’ with Dr Sharlon Lewis from the Wellness Centre.

On Thursday, an online presentation is scheduled with Pete Smith entitled ‘Gratitude Talks- Civil Service Edition’.

Additionally, during Public Service Week, public officers from various departments will be collecting food items in the Public Service Pantry, which will be donated to the Family Support Network.


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