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What Gives You The Right To Lecture Us: Guyana President Schools BBC Reporter

Guyanese President Irfan Ali challenged BBC journalist Stephen Sackur during an interview about climate change and carbon emissions related to Guyana's oil and gas extraction plans.
President Ali highlighted Guyana's significant environmental contributions, including maintaining a vast forest that stores 19.5 gigatons of carbon, and argued against the notion of Western countries lecturing Guyana on climate change.

He pointed out Guyana's low deforestation rate and stated that even with oil and gas exploration, Guyana would remain net zero in carbon emissions. Ali criticized the hypocrisy of developed nations, questioning their environmental record and their right to critique Guyana's policies.

This confrontation underscores the broader debate on climate responsibility and the call for developed nations to acknowledge and compensate for the environmental stewardship of developing countries.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also emphasized the need for wealthy countries to reduce their carbon emissions significantly before 2050 and support developing nations in combating climate change.

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